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We make our living by taking care of trees, so their tree trimming & removal are not necessarily our favorite activities, but it is often necessary to make sure that a property is safe and attractive – and that is motivation enough. If you have a tree that’s been impacted by insects, storms, or disease, or if there is any other reason you need it taken away, call us for tree service in West Orange area. You’ll find that we provide precise service – removing limbs and cutting down trees in a manner that ensures efficiency and safety, all the while preserving the surroundings and leaving your property neat and clean.

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Have an emergency? Has there been a storm that knocked down a tree or limbs? Give us a call at (Number) to receive phone prompts for urgent calls. We will provide you with efficient service, removing the tree from your property, and can help you through the insurance process if necessary


Reasons for emergency tree removal trees provide shade and beauty to your property, as well as create privacy for your home. The trees in your yard also help to keep the area cooler and give off oxygen for a more pleasant environment. There are certain occasions when you may need emergency tree service in West Orange. If a tree is sick, dying, or already dead, it could pose a hazard for you, your family, and anyone who comes near your property. Emergency tree removal by a certified arborist is a smart choice for your safety as well as the look of your property. Read on to learn about the common reasons for emergency tree removal.

A tree was damaged during a storm.

Storms can happen during any season and may cause a variety of different types of damage. While you may batten down the hatches inside your house, the trees in your yard are left to fend for themselves. If a tree is older, weak, or there is simply a strong storm, it may incur damage that makes it a hazard. If you experience a severe storm in your area, it’s a good idea to call your tree service company to see if you need to take action.

A tree poses a threat to property or people.

Emergency tree removal may be called for when a tree or parts of it have blown over or landed on a building or car. In some cases, emergency tree removal is a preventive measure. If you notice that a tree on your property is leaning in a way that it didn’t before, don’t wait for an accident to happen. Emergency tree removal can help prevent branches and trees from falling on structures or passersby, a risk you do not want to take.

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When it comes to the care of your trees, which provide so many environmental benefits as well as aesthetic beauty for your property, you need experts you can rely on. West Orange Tree Service is a licensed, family-owned, and operated company that provides a wide range of services to keep your trees in tip-top shape. We work with property owners in West Orange, using the highest quality equipment to help us get the job done efficiently and safely.

Your Local Tree Specialists

When you need professional tree maintenance or removal in West Orange you can rely on West Orange Tree Service, your specialists in arboriculture, or the care and maintenance of trees and shrubs. Responding efficiently and professionally in order to properly identify problems, maintain and remove trees is what we do. We have offered our tree services in even the most challenging circumstances and locations.

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